Spreading Paranoia

Spreading Paranoia.

The other day I was shopping for groceries at our local store and stopped to pick a local fresh tomato in the vegetable stands. I looked for a Canadian tomato and locally grown if possible as I refuse to buy foreign products of any kind. I like to support our own grown fruits, vegetables and the like. A woman approximately my age in her mid sixties was also looking for tomatoes and picked an American imported brand. I wondered if she had considered supporting local farmers? But first a short background.

I live in Haliburton County of which is classified by our government as one of the highest rated year round unemployed counties in Canada. Immediately west of Haliburton is the District of Muskoka. Muskoka has one of the highest priced acreage in Canada boasting such names as ‘Millionaires Row’ and ‘Jewels of Muskoka’ with a mean average yearly income of $81,794. Haliburton has a mean income of $53,223. Over 50% of Haliburton’s residents are aged 50 and upwards. And now to the conversation with the tomato woman.

Here basically, is how the conversation went. I started the dialogue.Image

– Have you considered buying locally?
– I look for American produce as you can see. I’m a proud American.
– I see. Are you visiting or on vacation?
– I’m staying at my son’s cottage and I’m on vacation. He is in the US Air Force and flies American F-18s.
– He must lead an exciting life. May I ask you a personal question and you don’t have to answer it if you so decide.
– Of course. Go ahead.
– What party do you support back home? The Democrats or the Republican Party?
– I’m a right leaning Republican and proud to vote Republican.
– As a journalist I would be interested to know if you think Canada should purchase your F-35 5th generation jet for defence as there is some questioning by Canadians as to our buying this aircraft?
– You have to buy the aircraft. You have to defend yourself.
– And what would we be defending ourselves against?
– Terrorist.
– Terrorists?
– You didn’t know? Canada has more terrorists than any other country. And they are right here.
– (What?) And where might ‘right here’ be?
– In Muskoka. Muskoka has more terrorist camps than any where else. You need protection and the United States will help Canada get rid of them for you.
– (Oh my God. Numerous terrorists camps in Muskoka???) Are you sure?
– Everyone in the States knows that. Didn’t you?
– No to be honest with you I didn’t and I have been an investigative journalist for many years. But thank you for that information. I have to get going. It was nice talking to you.
– (Muskoka?)

If I reported on that tidbit of information I would be laughed out of the country and never be published again. Wow. Personally speaking, and in my opinion only, the country we need to concern ourselves with regarding a land or air invasion is to our south. The U.S. of A.